The Gel £35.00 (60ml) and (125ml) £65

The Gel is a product of Eastern wisdom and Western science. We based the Gel on research by a doctor practicing Western medicine in China. He discovered that the power of acupuncture lay in the activation of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase which, in turn, stimulates the body’s nervous system. He then created formulations which achieved the same effect without needles or moxibustion.

The Gel is a unique combination of cesium salts and homeopathics which works with your body’s energy and rejuvenation systems to heal skin tissue and improve the condition and tone of your skin. The Gel helps treat a range of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and acne. Used daily under moisturiser the Gel also rejuvenates aging skin. We recommend using the Gel with our pure emu oil.


We make the Gel with care using pure, natural ingredients: deionized water, cesium salts, hypericum, arnica, calendula, rhus tox, ledum, apis, ruta, sulphur, carbomer.

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